About Us

In July of 2019 I contracted to buy a new house, a large single family on a large lot, in the Washington DC suburbs. I’m a cautious guy, so I was careful about trying to make sure I knew what I was buying. I also hired a home inspector, and paid him $800. He gave the house a clean bill of health, and I went to closing.

Almost immediately, things began to break, or just never worked. So much for the home inspection. One of the clothes dryers didn’t work. The heating system required a $3,000 repair – that might have been a $10,000 repair according to one contractor. And some things I just didn't know what the heck they were, like the things sticking out of my backyard (turns out they were for my well and septic system.)

There seemed to be a whole range of questions that I had no obvious answer for; what kind of Internet connection to get, who to hire for landscaping, what kind of home insurance to get.

Figuring out the costs was a whole other story; between propane, electricity, garbage pick-up, taxes, repairs, maintenance, the list went on and on.

I created Casa Command to make the home buying and home management process easier, less stressful, and more cost-effective.

I hope it helps you as much as its helped me.

John F. Groom
Founder, Casa Command