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Casa Command Home Inspection

Casa Command is an application that will change the way real estate is built, managed, insured, and fixed - and the way people move.

Our patented system gives a whole new edge to home inspections. We provide a high-quality digital mapping and tagging service that will change the way you view your home. All data is compiled into an easy to use home profile that will stay with you for the life of your home.

  • Mapping of entire home and yard which includes high-quality 360 photography of every room or area on the property.
  • Tagging of all major appliances, hardware, and more. This will include details on age, life expectancy, functionality, replacements, warranties, and servicing, plus more!
  • Identification of all electrical components with schematics.
  • Identification of all HVAC components with schematics.
  • We will provide you with a digital home profile that contains all of the above and stays with you for the life of your home.
  • Best of all, for a limited time, our service is Free. Sign up today to experience all that Casa Command has to offer.

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*We work independently from certified home inspectors to provide you the highest quality visual data that will stay with you for the life of your home.
We do not replace a conventional home inspection evaluation. We are currently providing service for the Northern Virginia area.


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